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Mar 21, 2011 5:47pm EDT
but he is headed back to japan in early april where he says his school plans on having class's. >>> a piece of technology has brought a family back together after spending years apart. on saturday, one family welcomed home there labrador mix at the eastern iowa airport. someone stole her in 2007 when she was a puppy. the family moved from washington state to i love it said they never forgot about their pet. >> i thought for sure we lost her. >> the dog was recently found wandering along a lake in fort lewis washington. a microchip helped her find the owners but there's no way of knowing who stole her. they say they're so happy they halt the -- that the microchip helped to reunite them with their dog. >> that's a good reason to have one put on every pack. >>> let's see what's coming up at 6:00. >> here are some of the stories we're working on -- the u.s. has joined an international coalition to use force against muammar gaddafi. we will tell you what is ahead for this war-torn investigation. the military investigates after gruesome photos resurface involving two am
Mar 22, 2011 5:00pm EDT
never made it home. we have reaction from her friends. >> she had a lifelong love of japan and had been studying the language since middle school. she moved after graduating from college. she is the first confirmed death of an american. taylor anderson had been teaching english in japan for three years when a monster earthquake hit. she survived the shaking and stayed at the elementary school where she worked, reuniting parents with children. anderson was last seen riding her bike home moments before the tsunami tore through the community. >> when she walked into the roo om, she made everyone smile. >> in a statement the andersons asked for privacy saying we would like to thank all who support has carried us through. please continue to pray for the people of japan. anderson is a randolph makin t graduategraduate. her mother says anderson developed a love for the students she taught in the japanese people. she was scheduled to return home to virginia in august. a 22-year-old california man is dead after being pulled out to sea from a swell. his body has not been recovered. >> next, a mar
Mar 24, 2011 5:00pm EDT
beard. police also released this photo of the suspect's car. >>> in japan several nuclear plant workers are being treated tonight for radiation poisoning. three men developed lesions on their legs after they stepped into radioactive water while putting out -- of putting down electric cables and one of the reactors. the governor of tokyo a list did -- listed restrictions on tap water. the water is said to be unsafe for babies. the governor drank a big glass of water. a couple of days away from the start of the national cherry blossom as vegetable and the emotion -- cherry blossom festival is starting and preparations are underway to make this year's festival spectacular and send help to japan. let's go live to the tidal basin where we are getting beautiful previews of the lambs. >> the national park service has shortened the the best blue window from six days to four days, next tuesday through friday. there will still be plenty to experience. the tone of will be one of support and remembrance for what those who gave us all these beautiful trees are enduring. the trees ar
Mar 28, 2011 5:00pm EDT
the globe now, we go to the worsening saturation in japan. radiation has contaminated both the ground and the sea. scott thuman joins us with the very latest. >> the latest and most serious issue is a realistic fear that radioactive water is leaking from the plant and spreading very quickly. today, we get perhaps the most dramatic view yet of the growing catastrophe inside the power plant. smoke billowing out of not one but two reactors on monday showed just how serious matters are. fears of partial meltdown already under way workers face a daunting task. they must get all contaminated radioactive water out of the reactors before they can restart the cooling system. all of this happening one day after officials apologized for an accurate reading of a major increase in radioactivity causing panic and workers to flee. >> such a mistake should not be acceptable. >> they should be removed from leadership of. you begin to wonder. >> admissions that plutonium has been found in the soil nearby. radioactivity in the ocean water 1 mile away. understandably, concerns are growing about the safet
Mar 31, 2011 5:00pm EDT
:00. >> staying overseas, we are monitoring it -- monitoring events in japan. a high level yet from the area is on its way to the fukushima plant. let's go live to the newsroom for the latest. >> there are two significant areas of concern. one is the continued radiation leaks the japanese are still uncertain of exactly where it is getting out. second what that is doing to the world's water and food supplies. just where is that highly dangerous leak coming from? emergency crews are hoping an underwater camera lowered into the pool can help them locate it. >> this situation continues to be very serious. >> that as we hear from the brave but dejected workers trying to prevent a total meltdown. one e-mail reads crying is useless. if we are in hell now all we can do is crawl up toward heaven. japan is increasingly turning to other nations like the u.s.. among those arriving, 155 marines from indian head, md. part of the chemical biological response force. ground water nearby has tested at 10,000 times the acceptable levels. then there is the food. >> i am not a scientist but i drink
Mar 25, 2011 5:00pm EDT
with an undisclosed amount of cash. >>> we are falling more bad news from the nuclear power plant in japan. another setback as officials suspect a possible breach. therom bad to worse, nuclear experts say there has core ofage to the reactor 3. leakinglieved to be high levels of radiation. >> for the first time they are using that meaning uncontrolled radiation into the environment. >> workers trying to stabilize were rushed from afterl treatment suffering burns from water. some of them had to wear gear.tive in new leak will force the the evacuation zone plant.the is a fear if they have to the plant a full-scale will cause certain areas to be uninhabitable for generations. >> the government reaction is too late. >> in addition to concerns over radiation, there is a shortage of fuel. the rush to get it to those of thes in the wake earthquake two weeks ago. residents are chopping up the their homes to work off cold. >> they need warmth and warm clothing. it is snowing. >> the pentagon says u.s. troops efforts areaid anti radiation pills any missions to areas exposure ision likely. investigationan the
Mar 30, 2011 5:00pm EDT
and response. the radiation the years in japan is changing. radiation in seawater is more than 3000 times the legal limit. today we have learned the plant president is being treated at a hospital. the very latest on his condition in new developments coming up at 6:00. and >>> it was 30 years ago this day that president ronald reagan was shot. president reagan and the white house press secretary and two others were injured. spher>> 30 years later he is still here. i want to tell you that this hotel has gone the dubious distinction of being nicknamed the hinckley hilton. it happened on this side. after the shooting, they built a security and closure. now the president's car pulls and and the president gets out. 30 years ago things were very different. president reagan was leaving a luncheon when all hell broke loose. >> we heard a lot of gunfire. i turned around and seen the guest laying on the ground hollering and screaming. >> dorman roosevelt jr. was on the job that day. it was crazy that day. it was a crazy day. >> reagan was rushed to george washington university hospit
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7